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At C&W Transport, we are an equal opportunity employer and treat our drivers with respect that you deserve. With a shortage of new drivers entering the industry and a high percentage of senior drivers about to retire, you are now more than ever, a valuable resource.


We make your life on the road as comfortable as possible with late model, premium power units and well maintained trailers. In-cab communications are state-of-the-art and you’ll find our industry leading low turnover of driving personnel is due to these reasons. At C&W Transport, you are treated like the critical part of our team.


Our consistent placement in high traffic areas means your freight can get picked up and delivered faster. 


Maintaining a tight regional division allows our drivers to transport your freight without having to shut down due to extended driving periods thus delivering your shipment in an expedited time frame.


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What we Offer

Competitive Compensation

Employer-paid Benefits

Performance/Safety Bonuses

Mentorship And Coaching

Recognition Awards

Paid Hourly

Paid Volunteer Hours

Pension Plans(401K)/defined Profit Sharing Plan


At CW Transportation, our fleet mostly consists of Freightliner and Great Dane trucks.

Comfortable cab space

Integrated in-cab communications systems

Ergonomical driver seat

Comfortable beds


CW Transportation is always looking to take advantage of new technology that improves efficiency and the driving experience.

Satellite Communication

APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)




CW Transportation follows an uncompromising maintenance schedule on a regular basis so that our fleet is clean and reliable for the long haul.

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You must hold a valid Class A License to drive with CW Transportation.
You must be willing to drive during the night shift/overnight to qualify.
This position will require you to lift more than 40LBS, please contact us for more information.
This position will require you to have reliable transportation to get to work.
This position requires mountain driving experience.